Leadership Coach | Speaker
Emotional Intelligence Specialist 

I am Carrie Benedet, an emotional intelligence specialist, keynote speaker and a leadership coach.

I walked Kokoda for my 50th Birthday! It would have to be the most mammoth thing I have done in my life to date after delivering 4 babies without pain relief. Children and challenge – what a great life recipe!

Why …you ask? Good heavens I had so many amazed looks with comments like “are you stark raving mad woman!” from my husband Luc to  “go MUM” from our children. The comment that really gave me a spark from my daughter Cara was “it’s nothing to be ashamed of MUM if you have to get airlifted out! Little devil… she knew me well! There was no way I was coming home early…I had to do it for me! 

Why you ask?  My identity as I’d known it was changing before my eyes!

I’m the eldest of 6 siblings, eldest dutiful daughter who has a strong sense of family, church and service. I grew up in Cooma where everyone knew you or thought they knew you, so gossip abounded. All 6 of us helped build the family business, a Newsagency… devouring about $30,000 worth of confectionary I estimate!

All six of us came to Sydney for 2 years of boarding school before we went into university or college. Teaching for the girls was strongly encouraged as a sound and safe career to blend with having a family.

I married my “continental” Luc in December 1981 after going out together for 3 years and welcomed our first son the following October. We have four children aged 36, 33, 30 and 28 – they are all so very different to each other, ‘liquorice allsorts’ I call them. My heart bursts with love for them. Now we have nearly 6 gran-babies who give us so much joy!

I have just left an educational organisation after 23 years to do more of what I love to do – thrive and inspire others to be the best they can be in life and career.  

These 23 years gave me a variety of leadership opportunities from being a Parent Educator, Chairperson of a state level Parent Organisation, Independent Member of the NSW Board of Studies, to coordinating Middle Managers leadership programs, Coaching and Mentoring Principals, Advisors, Consultants and Interns, facilitating individual and team growth and development. I completed my Masters Educational Leadership which I really share with Luc as he cooked and cleaned for 2.5 years!

So being a daughter, sister, educator, social engineer, wife, mum and now Carrie Ma has been rich with life experience and service…now it’s time to explore the next decade of possibility, purpose and celebrate every day for the joy it brings with some sassy attitude and joy!


Carrie has a contagiously positive attitude to thriving in career and life. With 24 years of leadership experience in adult education, Carrie specialises in designing and facilitating professional learning and leadership programs, coaching and mentoring for workplace growth and performance. People are her business. Her strong growth mindset and skill-set of social and conversational emotional intelligence (Genos Certified), coaching methodologies and leadership skills, Carrie relishes working with motivated leaders and agile teams giving them confidence to revitalise their purpose, direction, voice, mindset and relational skills.

Current professional certifications include GENOS International Emotional Intelligence Certification for Workplace and Leadership Assessments and Programs, IGNITE and The Mindful Leader Programs; Growth and Solutions Focused Coaching; DISC: Change 2 Master Facilitation. Globally, Carrie has presented at coaching and mentoring conferences in Oxford, UK, Wellington & Hamilton, NZ, Australia and USA. In June 2018, Carrie was honoured to share her insights on Emotional Intelligence in Education at the Game Changers Genos International Conference, Singapore. In 2019, an offer to teach Leadership to Chinese teachers of English in Changsha, Hunan Province, China was hugely rewarding. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Carrie has designed, hosted and facilitated ‘boundary breaking’ Leadership Retreats and Immersions in Australia and New Zealand specifically for leaders looking for a transformative edge to their purpose, performance and growth.

Carrie is known for her mantra, ” just give it a red hot shot” which shines through in her infectious outlook on life.  A “Kokoda” girl ( she walked the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea for her 50th Birthday – first camping trip ever!) and shares her zest for life on her recent podcast ‘Thriving Matters’. Being productive and thriving means Carrie keeps fit, ‘walks and talks’ leaders and teams across the globe, dances, loves to travel, and host friends and family celebrating whenever possible!

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